Letting Go

I look with bleary eyes to the morning sky
A deep breath in the cold morning air
Exhaled in a foggy sigh
I wish you were there

And I am letting go.

Your face once radiant in the morning sun
Offers little comfort to this wretched soul
A burning desire un-fufilled
Screaming for a place in his hole.

And I am letting go.

I am letting go.

A tear drop sticks
Broken words choked out whole
Nothing left
But here we are

And I am letting go.

There’s a warmth in the finality of our suffering
A familiar place to run and hide
What doesn’t work for you and me
Is how little we got for try.

When the end becomes a new beginning
And the darkness blights the dawn
God’s grace shows us a path
When the night starts thinning
And the demons are gone.

And we are letting go.

We are letting go.

Let it go.


Joshua admitted his life had become unmanageable on April 24, 2016. He regularly attends A.A. meetings and by the grace of God, is allowed to pour his heart and soul into co-parenting his three children.