In My Head

I’m running on coffee and Hydroxyzine.

Car Trouble

“Not again.”

Dealing With Loss

The best relationship I have ever had ended permanently on Sunday. It fucking sucks.

The Presence of Children

When I was actively drinking, the last thing I wanted was to be present for my children.

18 Months Later

What a Ride

Letting Go

I look with bleary eyes to the morning sky A deep breath in the cold morning air Exhaled in a foggy sigh I wish you were there And…

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I Do Not Want This

When I stopped drinking in 2016 I thought life would get easier. It didn’t.

Just for Today

I’m fucked up. It shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, I am an alcoholic. The thing is, really, it’s not about my addiction at this…

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Finding Love in Sobriety

I fell in love with my best friend after falling into sobriety.

120 Days of Change

Four months ago I hated the man in the mirror. Today I kinda like him.

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